Fuel Filter Replacement

Your Fuel Filter May Need Replacement, Come See us Here at Larry H. Miller!

While the fuel is an integral of your new Dodge or Ram's functionality, you may not know that it requires a filtration process as oil does. As the fuel in your car works its way from the refinery, fuel trucks, gas station tank, and its final resting place in your car, it can accumulate filth, grime, water dilution, and other particulates which might make the fuel harmful to your engine. Fortunately, that is why all new Dodge cars and Ram trucks feature a fuel filter which keeps harmful objects out of your engine and keeps the fuel pumping cleanly and conveniently. When the fuel filter on your Dodge Challenger or Ram 1500 needs replacement, schedule a service appointment here at Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Tucson for quick and simple maintenance by certified MOPAR technicians.

Follow the Signs of Replacement

Over time, the fuel filter can wear out as any oil filter would, though the fuel filter on your Dodge or Ram will last considerably longer. How often should the filter be replaced? Well, that varies between new and pre-owned models, but typically most fuel filters can be changed out once every two years or once every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. Your service center technician and your owner's manual will have a good estimate of how long you should wait in between replacements, but it is always essential for you to keep an eye out for the telltale signs, especially if you go farther beyond the two-year/30,000-mile minimum. When your engine needs a new fuel filter, you will see issues manifest, such as:

  • Unresponsive engine/engine will not start
  • Engine idles roughly, emits unknown sounds
  • Engine hesitates when driving uphill/carrying heavier loads
  • Loss of power when driving/engine stalls

Replace When Needed

If you see any of these symptoms present themselves, it could be a sign of a need to replace your fuel filter, or even a sign of another underlying issue. In any case, if you have any questions or you hit the minimum time frame, schedule a service appointment here at Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Tucson and come see us at our service center today!


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